About Me

Hey there! I’m Chrystal and the founder of The Never Sleeping Mom. I started this blog to guide new moms in their new role. The posts and tips on this website are provided free of charge and the maintenance and development of the website are financed by allowing banner advertising.

I gave birth to our first son in 2013. We lived in a foreign country with no family or support network. I found my solace online with other new mothers and as a result joined a local English speaking moms group. Receiving such great support and finding this tribe was everything for me. They taught me to listen to my mom instincts and tackle my daily struggles. By the time I was pregnant of baby number 2, I was the leading coordinator of this non-profit online and offline community called “Bumps2Babes Beijing”.  My family made lifelong family friends around the globe because of this community, which we are more than grateful for. 

The aim of The Never Sleeping Mom is to provide relatable articles and some laughs. I understand how important it is for new mothers to find guidance. Some of you might have found this blog while browsing on your phone in the middle of the night because you were feeding/rocking/burping your newborn baby. You are not alone! I hope that you’ll be able to find valuable information here and get to ease some of the new mom anxiety.

Warmest regards,